Why SourceWeb Medical AG?

100% buyer protection

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to open your own escrow account for settlement.
    Our recommendation: The Law Debenture Trust Corporation - www.lawdebenture.com or a German escrow account e.g. www.liesegang-partner.com.
    - More security
    - Maximum discretion, how to protect your data from being seen
    (Origin of funds, annual accounts, etc.)
    - Maximum flexibility, etc.
    - Contractual penalty/compensation clause in your favour
    Our experts will be happy to advise you on this.

    We pay a penalty fee if a transaction is not completed.


  • Clear structures
  • Simple ways
  • Open, honest, cooperative & constructive 


  • We work according to Moto "Perfect is not enough
  • Constant process optimization
  • High Reputation
  • Always Up-to-date


  • Specialized & certified in IT and international project management
  • Continuing education
  • Due to many years of experience, we now have an entrepreneurial trading skill


  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Our customers literally become fans (See our reviews)

International player

  • We have a worldwide, distributive network: 
    - Governments and institutions
    - Diplomacy and associations

Highest standards IT data protection

  • SourceWeb Medical guarantees comprehensive data protection on a technical and organizational level. As a company of the SourceWeb International Group, we operate within the framework of strict guidelines in the area of IT security and meet these beyond the legally required standards of the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO).
    Read more about this: Data protection .

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