Our general procedure

Stand: 26.07.2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are very pleased that you are interested in a cooperation with Sourceweb Medical AG as a specialist dealer for medical protective equipment.
We are even more pleased to get to know you personally in a short telephone conversation.

In this short conversation of about 10 - 20 minutes we will find out together whether our solutions meet your expectations. If this is the case and everything meets your expectations in legal, commercial and logistical terms, we will start the next steps and decide together when to start processing the desired item.
So that you can get a precise picture of our company in advance and get to know our approach, this letter will give you a transparent insight.

As you may have experienced yourself, a lot of people have entered this market due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many dubious offers, companies and unfathomable processes and methods are widespread and cause more and more mistrust in the market.
We as Sourceweb-Medical AG want to clearly distinguish ourselves from the masses and protect our professionalism in the market.
Therefore we are very interested in a transparent and sustainable cooperation with you and would like to win satisfied and returning customers in the long run.

In the following you will find information about our company, our approach and our suppliers.
Most importantly, you will understand why we offer this type of service to our customers.

The company SourceWeb® originally established itself in the IT industry in the areas of software & hardware.
Among other things, we have built up intensive business relationships with the Asian market and now use our long-standing business contacts with manufacturers and suppliers to offer you high-quality protective equipment and 3M products at fair prices.

A dynamic, motivated and well-trained team ensures that your order runs smoothly.
Therefore we work hand in hand with you, the manufacturers, customs and logistics.

All items are delivered quickly and on time by DPD and DHL as well as with our own trucks. For the pallet transport we work together with some local carriers.

In addition, we attach great importance to good contacts and interfaces to our customers in order to make a cooperation as optimal as possible.

We are already working together with old people's homes, aid organisations and the government in order to help especially elderly or immunocompromised people.

With our procedure, we guarantee 100% buyer protection and ensure that the buyer receives the right goods without a great deal of time, even in these difficult times of the Corona crisis.

How does the process work?
Very simple:

1. An attorney escrow account is an account set up for the seller, which is used only to process payments for that seller.
The seller has no access to this account. Only the law firm e.g. Liesegang & Partner mbB www.liesegang-partner.com is entitled to dispose of the account. If desired, we are flexible in the selection of the escrow account.

2. As soon as the amount resulting from the seller's invoice has been received on the escrow account, the seller will be informed that our long-standing, experienced broker team will search for the detailed purchase list as requested by the buyer in order to find suitable suppliers or to carry out the work.
For the correct filtering of the suppliers we work with strict guidelines, such as

    • Ordinary company audit of the supplier (balance audit, verification of the goods with video conference)
    • Handling of contracts to secure the process (NCNDA, framework agreement with suppliers coupled with the corresponding offer).
      Provides absolute security for the buyer side.

3. The broker team is obligated to inspect the goods within the agreed period of time, either personally or, if desired by the buyer, a commissioned expert / appraiser (TÜV, Dekra, etc.), first of all to check the goods for completeness and proper condition in the supplier's warehouse.

    • If the inspection of the goods proves positive, there is nothing to prevent the acceptance and the buyer receives the desired goods.
      Payment to the supplier will be made as soon as the goods have been confirmed by the buyer as free of defects in the forwarding warehouse.
    • Should the goods inspection prove to be negative, the supplier shall pay a contractual penalty to the broker team and buyer on the basis of the signed contract or framework agreement. In addition, the supplier is also threatened with a criminal complaint. (sorting out the black sheep on the market). For this purpose, we have our own legal department in our company SourceWeb, which is sufficiently specialized in such incidents. You as a buyer do not have a disadvantage, on the contrary, you will be paid monetary compensation.

The buyer has the possibility to reclaim his money from the trust company at any time as agreed, without any deductions or extra costs.
In addition, the buyer and his proof of capital remain completely anonymous until the actual purchase, as we will offer ourselves as an official buyer from the suppliers.

Since we are in a bidding market and there is a great demand for 3M products worldwide, it is important as a buyer to act quickly and efficiently to acquire the few stocks that arise in Europe and are only available for hours.

Although 3M already officially serves the government of every country in the world, there is still an additional demand for protective masks.
In Germany alone, 5 billion masks are needed annually.

So if there's a stick, it must be fast. Based on our many years of experience, we can assure you that the approach we have chosen offers the highest possible chance of success for the buyer to get smaller stocks up to 5 million 3M masks.
From an order of 5 million and more masks, we go a different way with our clients. We will be happy to inform you about this in a separate meeting.

With us you get professionalism, efficiency, perfection at the highest level, we are very pleased about your interest in working with us and even more about the fact that we will soon be able to meet you personally in a telephone conversation.

Until then you stay healthy!

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We would be happy to call you back as soon as possible!