Last updated 17.06.2020

Law firm responsible for the payment processing:

Liesegang & Partner mbB
Kettenhofweg 1
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Advantages for the buyer:
- Protection against wrong delivery
- Safekeeping of the purchase price until receipt of the goods
- Possibility of testing the goods

The following terms of service are valid within the scope of
Payment transactions via the attorney escrow account with
Payments are to be made exclusively to the following account:

Law firm Liesegang & Partner mbB


  1. An attorney escrow account is an account set up for the seller with which
    only payments for this seller are processed. The seller has replied to this
    Account no access. Only the law firm of Liesegang & Partner mbB is entitled to dispose of the property.
  2. As soon as the amount resulting from the seller's invoice is shown on the
    account has been received, he will be informed that now more of the goods
    can be delivered, or the work can be carried out.
  3. The buyer is obliged to pay within the agreed period in person or by
    the goods for completeness and the proper condition of the goods to
  4. If the buyer does not after receipt of the goods of the forwarding of the amount
    have objected to this in the form that the goods are damaged, defective or not in accordance with the
    order is in accordance with the order, the amount will be paid to the seller.
  5. In case of objection to the forwarding of the amount, the buyer is obliged to
    within 24 hours with the seller and the trustee in connection with
    and notify the defects of the delivery.
  6. If the buyer does not comply with this obligation within this period, the
    trustee is entitled to pay out the amount to the seller.
  7. If the buyer and seller agree on a solution, the trustee shall
    to be informed immediately so that payment can be made in accordance with the
    agreement can be made.

    Upon request, we are flexible in the selection of the escrow account.


Important note: area code is mandatory.
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