SourceWeb International AG
Company No.: 10826441 | D&B®
The SourceWeb International AG is the administrative parent company. It provides a variety of services to the subsidiaries and is the owner of trademarks and other intellectual property.

SourceWeb Medical AG
Company No.: 10830888 | D&B®
The SourceWeb Medical AG is specialized in trading medical devices and personal protective equipment. It holds a large number of reseller licenses in relation to this area.

SourceWeb Informatics AG
Company No.: 13044797 | D&B®
The SourceWeb Informatics AG is a leading technology company and offers, among other things, web design, software, IT administration and marketing services.

SourceWeb Consulting AG
Company No.: 13390596 | D&B®
SourceWeb Consulting AG offers management consulting services as well as other services such as bookkeeping, accounting and controlling services.

SourceWeb Swiss AG
Company No.: CHE-104.356.235 | D&B®
SourceWeb Swiss AG in Lucerne supplies the Swiss market with medical products and personal protective equipment. The company also offers IT services.

SourceWeb Technology Limited
Company No.: 648811 | D&B®
The SourceWeb Technology Limited, based in Ireland, provides the other companies with various technologies and services, from servers to customer billing.

SourceWeb GmbH
Company No.: 11921075 | D&B®
The SourceWeb GmbH operates, among other things, online shops and other Internet portals.

SourceWeb Ltd.
Company No.: 11766966 | D&B®
The SourceWeb Ltd. is the accounting company and IT service provider responsible for our customers worldwide, especially for customers outside the DACH area.


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