Purchasing community

Smaller buyers in particular can often only buy at inflated prices because lower purchase quantities automatically result in higher unit prices.

We combine many of these small buyers in one group and then buy together for all customers in one purchase order to achieve a high demand volume, because


We or our investors also provide the required capital and the necessary funds to pre-finance the purchase.
The proof of capital required for larger purchases and the capital for pre-financing the purchase (LOA, MT199, LC and / or trust deposit) is directly made available by SourceWeb.

Escrow Account

A secure way to pay
We maintain a permanent trust account with the law firm Liesegang & Partner in Germany ( www.liesegang-partner.com ).

You can use our escrow account if you want to buy protective equipment or similar products. In this case you, as the trustor, conclude a trust agreement with our lawyer. This contract can regulate exactly when and under what conditions we can dispose of the deposited trust balance. We can then reserve the goods for you according to our SOP or according to an operating procedure individually agreed between us, send you evidence such as lot numbers, batch numbers, security codes and arrange the delivery of the goods. After you have received, checked and confirmed the goods - and not a second earlier - we can debit the amount from the escrow account.


We move a lot of capital for financing the purchase and sale of big amounts of medical products and personal protective equipment.

If you are interested in providing us with short- and medium-term liquidity for the interim financing of products, we would be happy to hear from you.

When looking for ideas and their further development, however, our eyes must not remain at our own company boundaries, which is why we increasingly rely on external cooperation partners and suppliers with many different target groups.

SourceWeb currently has suppliers and contractors from around 70 countries. We make over 70 percent of our purchases in member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). However, we are also increasingly opening up procurement markets outside of the OECD member states. Our high demands on suppliers are uniform worldwide. We evaluate our suppliers in a holistic process, which in addition to economic and operational key figures also includes the results and risks in the area of sustainability.

We work closely with our suppliers - to meet high standards in quality, efficiency and responsibility and sustainability.

Our global purchasing ensures the highest quality and cost efficiency and thus first-class products for our customers. For long-term business relationships, we select suppliers with whom we see great potential in terms of innovation, optimization of manufacturing costs and logistics processes.

We are looking for various strategic partnerships for our challenging innovative business. We develop additional growth potential by expanding these partnerships.

If you feel addressed, then apply now!

Extract of our reference customers:

Cooperation partners and suppliers

We are always open to cooperation requests from cooperation partners or suppliers - be it from product procurement or additional specialist areas. Please send us your contact details and a brief description of your service offer (for logistics specialists, please state the hourly rate) by email to cooperation@sourceweb-medical.ag or to our application link below. If there is a need for your services in a project, we will be happy to contact you in due course. We look forward to receiving your application.


Logistics specialist
As a warehouse logistics specialist, you keep the strings in the Hand. Have from the operating temperature to the customs declaration Warehouse logistics specialists have an overview of everything related to the river and the Storage of goods affected. You organize the Transport, pay attention to the quality and control the Amounts. They work with fully automatic high and small parts stores and the most modern IT systems. Warehouse logistics specialists also take care of inventory controls, Inventories and commissions.

The specialists for proper and professional storage always have that Health and safety requirements in the Look.

You have a talent for organization, warehouse management, Inventory work and customs administration? Then you are right with us!

Areas of responsibility:
  • Organization of the flow of goods
  • Quality control of the incoming goods
  • Internal material flow
  • Inventory and inventory
  • Compliance with safety regulations and customs regulations

Requirement profile:
  • Customs experience
  • Structured way of working
  • An eye for the big picture and an eye for details
  • Careful and structured way of working
  • Physical fitness and good concentration









Important note: area code is mandatory.
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