Covid-19 Antigen & Antibody Rapid Tests

Last update: 04.10.2020

The fastest and most cost-effective COVID 19 test strategy for your company. With rapid tests from market leaders Abbott, Roche and Biomerica.

  • CE & FDA approved rapid tests
  • Detects acute and survived infections in every phase
  • Extremely high sensitivity and specificity
  • Easy application in under 15 minutes
  • No waiting time for laboratory report
  • Immediate delivery within 3-5 days



Overview of use cases

Contact tracing vs. detection for symptoms.
Antigen and antibody test have a different phase of action due to their test method. Depending on the application, you should choose one of the two, or in the best case a combination of the two, in order to obtain the optimum safety.

Rapid antigen test
Contact Tracing

IgM/IgG antibody test
For the detection of symptoms.

The loss of all kitchen staff or waiters in the worst case, the closure of a plant have. Regular tests give you the opportunity to Infection of an employee immediately appropriate measures to without the authority closing its business.
Old people's homes and care
As a high-risk group, regular testing of older people inevitably. The blood test can be performed on site and without a great deal of effort. Residents must do not leave their familiar surroundings and your employees are not bound to long waiting times at test lines.
Authorities and educational institutions
Especially when people from different groups in in a room, the risk of a focus of infection increased. With the rapid antigen test, also symptomless infections can be detected.
Doctors and Pharmacies
Particularly during the flu season, the test enables a quick differentiation of diseases, even before entering the practice/ Branch office. Patients can feel safe in your waiting room and you protect patients at risk.
Tourism and hotel industry
Avoid negative press for your company and your location by regularly testing your employees and protecting them from official Orders Measures for the protection of your guests can seize. Guests are offered a free trial of a Added value that makes your holiday more relaxing.

Rapid antigen test

The most important advantages of rapid tests at a glance.

Why you should choose a rapid test from the market leaders for your test strategy.
High hit accuracy
A sensitivity and specificity that is currently unique on the market.
Proven by renowned universities.
Fast results, no waiting time
Result easy to read after 10 minutes.
No waiting time at test line, no waiting time for laboratory reports.
Immediate availability
1.5 million tests in stock in DE and a production capacity of 500,000 per day - the only supplier with immediate delivery capability in the current market situation
Tested quality product
The rapid tests of the market leaders are FDA approved and CE marked for Germany and are manufactured according to the certification EN ISO 13485: 2003. Not a China product!

 PCR laboratory test
Antigen test
(our offer)
Antibody test
(our offer)
Costsabout 120€ + test costsfrom 17€-35€from 17€-35€
ProcedureThroat swabsThroat swabsBlood collection from a capillary
ConceptOn-site sampling,
subsequent transfer
to the laboratory.
Implementation of medical
Personnel on site.
Implementation of medical
Personnel on site.
DurationWaiting time at Teststraße +
24/48 hours to the result.
15 minutes to the result,
directly on site.
10 minutes to the result,
directly on site.
AccuracyHigh cross-activity, thus
falsified results (current
50 % is accepted)
Specificity 99,6Specificity 99,6
DateRecognition only in the first
48 hours from infection, then
no more.
Detection in the asymptomatic
early phase.
Detection from 4 days after
of the infection - and then about
several months.

Details of the order process

- Purchase on account or partial payment.
- High stock level (>1.5 million)
- Delivery time 3-5 days from Germany with DHL.
- Boxes of 50 tests (25 with antigen test) per packaging unit.
- One kit includes all necessary utensils for the test.

Extract of our reference customers:


1How fast does the test go?
The test including the result can be completed within 15 minutes. can be carried out.
2What happens to the data in case of a positive test?
These remain with you. The test is carried out by you and there is no need for external evaluation Laboratory necessary.
3Why an antibody test?
Simply put, a PCR test only detects an infection within the first 48 hours, after which the viruses are no longer detectable in the throat. This may make sense, but the antibody test covers a much longer period and therefore the probability of a hit is higher.
4We do not have a company doctor to perform the tests?
Although it is easy to use, a doctor should supervise the procedure. We will be happy to provide you with a mobile company doctor for the test day.
5Why an antigen test?
Antigen testing is the right choice for detecting infection in the early stages. Without waiting for the laboratory report.
6How quickly can the test be delivered?
We deliver from stock Germany within 3-5 working days.
7Should I use the antigen or antibody test?
This depends on the area of application. Antigen tests detect the disease earlier, but do not give any indication of already survived infections. One combination is certainly the best.
8Does the antibody test detect an acute infection?
Yes, because the first antibodies are formed after a few days, usually in parallel with the onset of disease symptoms. For immediate detection from day 1 we recommend the antigen test.
9Is taking a blood sample easy and painless?
Yes! the test is comparable to a lactate test or intolerance test. One drop of blood from the fingertip is sufficient. This is therefore the preferred method for children and people with physical disabilities.
10Is the rapid test approved in the EU?
Yes, the rapid tests are CE certified and manufactured according to EN ISO 13485: 2003 and do not require country-specific approval. Certificates can be found in the enclosed documents.
11Is everything I need in one test kit?
Yes, each test kit consists of a quick test strip, the collection device (needle for blood collection or the stick for throat sampling), a test fluid and instructions with all the information.
12What is the difference to cheaper rapid tests?
In sensitivity and specificity. These are decisive about the accuracy of a test. The higher these values, the the virus can be more accurately detected. Important are but not the manufacturer's data but independent Studies from renowned institutes and universities. Products "made in China" do not usually meet these standards. Ask yourself the question: What would it cost you if an infection is detected too late?
13Quick tests have a low hit accuracy?
These rapid tests from Abbott, Roche and Biomercia are one of the leading products for COVID-19 detection with an extremely high sensitivity and specificity. No more comparison to tests of earlier generations from China.

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