Covid-19 - Rapid tests
15. October 2020 07:07

The fastest and most cost-effective COVID 19 test strategy for your company.
With rapid tests from market leaders Abbott, Roche and Biomerica.
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Please note that SourceWeb Medical AG acts as a 3M Reseller, in Cooperation with its verified Partners and various 3M Distributors.
SourceWeb Medical AG is a subsidiary of SourceWeb International AG.
Here is an overview of the availability of our most recent stocks (Validity of offers: 24 hours).
Including all fees and costs (e.g. fees for brokers, shipping, etc.)

3M Products

DateProduct nameQuantityDeliveryPrice (Dollar)Others
02.12.20213M 1860 Mask1 BillionOTG USA 1.80
29.11.20213M 9332+ Mask170 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.20
27.11.20213M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide1.90
25.11.20213M 1860 Mask2 BillionOTG USA 1.75
22.11.20213M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.30
22.10.20213M 1860 Mask200 Mio.OTG Germany2.40
22.10.20213M 9332+ Mask170 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.10
17.10.20213M 1860 Mask2 Bio.CIF Worldwide1.80
17.10.20213M 9332+ Mask170 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.40
16.09.20213M 1860 Mask2 Bio.CIF Worldwide1.80
16.09.20213M 1860 Mask200 Mio.OTG Germany2.90
15.09.20213M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.10
12.09.20213M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.20
18.08.2021Vaccine from Astra Zeneca (Covid-19)70 Mio.CIF Worldwide26$ per 2 shotsMOQ 100k
10.07.2021Vaccine from Pfizer (Covid-19)40 Mio.CIF Worldwide15.50 EuroMOQ 1 Mio.
25.06.20213M 9332+ Mask70 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.20
22.06.20213M 1860 Mask200 Mio.OTG Germany3.10
22.05.20213M 1860 Mask900 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.00
17.05.2021Vaccine from Astra Zeneca (Covid-19)70 Mio.CIF Worldwide26$ per 2 shotsMOQ 100k
17.05.2021Vaccine from Pfizer (Covid-19)50 Mio.CIF Worldwide15.50 EuroMOQ 1 Mio.
17.05.20213M 9332+ Mask100 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.80
17.04.20213M 1860 Mask200 Mio.OTG Germany3.00
17.04.20213M 1860 Mask2 Bio.CIF Worldwide1.90
17.04.20213M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.10
17.04.20213M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.20
17.03.2021Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)1 Bio.CIF Worldwide20.00
12.03.20213M 9332+ Mask100 Mio.CIF Europe4.30
12.03.20213M 1860 Mask200 Mio.OTG Germany3.00
12.03.20213M 1860 Mask5 Bio.CIF Worldwide2.10
12.03.20213M 1860 Mask600 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.40
12.01.2021Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)500 Mio.CIF Worldwide24
18.12.20203M 1860 Mask600 Mio.OTG Germany3.10
18.12.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.70
18.12.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)30 Mio.OTG Germany24
18.12.20203M 1860 Mask5 Bio.CIF Worldwide1.90
09.12.20203M 1860 Mask200 Mio.OTG Germany3.00
09.12.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)30 Mio.OTG Germany27
09.12.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.40
09.12.20203M 1860 Mask5 Bio.CIF Worldwide1.70
04.12.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF Worldwide2.10
04.12.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.30
04.12.20203M 1860 Mask600 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.20
04.12.20203M 1860 Mask20 Mio.OTG Vienna, Austria3.10
27.11.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.70
27.11.20203M 1860 Mask20 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.90
27.11.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.40
27.11.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF Worldwide2.10
12.11.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.70
12.11.20203M 1860 Mask20 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.80
12.11.20203M 1860 Mask5 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.90
12.11.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF Worldwide2.50
12.11.20203M 1860 Mask600 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.70
29.10.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.OTG HongKong3.40
29.10.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)200 Mio.CIF Wordwide17.00
29.10.20203M 1860 Mask160 Mio.OTG Germany3.20
29.10.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask70 Mio.CIF Europe4.80
29.10.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF Europe3.10
15.10.20203M 8833 Mask50 Mio.OTG Hong Kong3.50
15.10.20203M 1860 Mask23 Mio.OTG Hong Kong2.80
15.10.20203M 1860 Mask400 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.00
15.10.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask50 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.40
08.10.20203M 1860 Mask200 Mio.CIF Japan2.40
08.10.20203M 1860 Mask800 Mio.CIF Japan2.40
08.10.20203M 1860 Mask800 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.50
08.10.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.40
08.10.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask5 Mio.OTG Germany4.00MOQ 100 - ID-J01
03.10.20203M 1860 Mask450 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.30
03.10.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)200 Mio.CIF Worldwide17.00
03.10.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask70 Mio.CIF Worldwide4.10
03.10.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.20
30.09.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Russia2.00
30.09.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF France2.30
30.09.20203M 9322 Mask50 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.40
30.09.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask70 Mio.CIF Worldwide4.10
29.09.20203M 1860 Mask250 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.10
29.09.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.20
26.09.20203M 9322 Mask50 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.50
25.09.20203M 9330 Mask2 Mio.OTG Germany5.00 Euro
-25.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)400 Mio.CIF Worldwide16.00
-25.09.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF HongKong3.10
-25.09.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.75
-25.09.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask2 Mio.OTG Germany5.10
-25.09.20203M 1860 Mask400 Mio.CIF Germany2.40
-24.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)40 Mio.CIF Worldwide15.64
-24.09.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask100 Mio.CIF Worldwide4.50
-24.09.20203M 1860 Mask200 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.70
-24.09.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF Worldwide2.80
-23.09.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF HongKong2.50
-23.09.20203M 1860 Mask50 Mio.CIF Germany2.80
-23.09.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF Worldwide2.60
-23.09.20203M 1860 Mask500.000CIF Worldwide3.50
-23.09.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask700.000CIF Worldwide4.90
-23.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)40 Mio.CIF Worldwide15.14
-14.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)100 Mio.OTG US20.00100 MOQ
-14.09.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask2 Bio.CIF Japan4.40
- 14.09.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask2 Bio.CIF Worldwide4.50
- 14.09.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.OTG Germany2.30
14.09.20203M 9332+ Aura Mask2 Bio.CIF Japan4.00
14.09.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.OTG Germany3.30
14.09.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF Russia1.80
09.09.20203M 1860 Mask10.000CIF Worldwide3.90
09.09.20203M 1860 Mask100.000CIF Worldwide3.70
09.09.20203M 1860 Mask500.000CIF Worldwide3.45
09.09.20203M 1860 Mask1 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.35
09.09.20203M 1860 Mask10 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.20
09.09.20203M 1860 Mask50 Mio.CIF Worldwide3.05
09.09.20203M 1860 Mask30 Mio.CIF Germany2.75
08.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)200 Mio.OTG Spain15.30
08.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)500 Mio.CIF Worldwide15.14
08.09.20203M 1860 Mask1-29 Bio.OTG USA1.53
06.09.20203M 1860 Mask2 Bio.OTG Dubai2.10
06.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)500 Mio.CIF Worldwide14.60
06.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)10 Bio.CIF Worldwide14.60
06.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)15 Bio.CIF Worldwide14.54
05.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)500 Mio.OTG USA14.14
05.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)10 Bio.OTG USA14.14
05.09.2020Cardinal Health Gloves (200 pieces/box)15 Bio.OTG USA14.14
05.09.20203M 1860 Mask2 Bio.OTG Germany2.10
04.09.20203M 1860 Mask5 Bio.OTG USA1.70
04.09.20203M 1860 Mask1 to 15 Mio.OTG USA2.70
04.09.20203M 1860 Mask16 to 30 Mio.OTG USA2.50
04.09.20203M 1860 Mask31 to 99 Mio.OTG USA1.61
04.09.20203M 1860 Mask100 to 500 Mio.OTG USA1.70
03.09.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.OTG HongKong2.20
03.09.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.OTG Germany4.40
03.09.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF Russia1.55
02.09.20203M 1860 Mask2 Bio.OTG South Africa2.80
02.09.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.OTG USA14.24
-01.09.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF Europe3.20
-02.09.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Europe3.00
-14.09.20203M 1860 Mask300 Mio.OTG Germany3.90
-31.08.20203M 1860 Mask200 Mio.CIF Germany3.52
31.08.20203M 1860 Mask2 Bio.OTG HongKong3.40
31.08.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.OTG HongKong3.55
31.08.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.OTG HongKong3.60
31.08.20203M 1860 Mask2 Bio.OTG USA1.90
31.08.20203M 1860 Mask2 Bio.CIF Germany3.00
30.08.20203M 1860 Mask5 Bio.CIF EU | HongKong | Dubai2.50
30.08.20203M 1860 Mask500 Mio.CIF Spain2.20
29.08.20203M 1860 Mask3 Bio.CIF Marocco2.00
29.08.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF Germany2.00
29.08.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.CIF HongKong3.00
29.08.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.CIF France2.20
29.08.20203M 1860 Mask100 Mio.OTG Dubai3.10
29.08.20203M 1860 Mask5 Bio.OTG USA1.65
29.08.20203M 1860 Mask300 Mio.OTG Dubai2.70
29.08.20203M 1860 Mask1 Bio.OTG USA1.70

Other products

DateProduct nameQuantityDeliveryPrice (Dollar)OthersInternal Product Number
28.11.2021 Cranberry Evolve 3001 Bio.OTG USA21.00
27.11.2021Kimberly-Clark KC50050 Mio.CIF Worldwide8.90
26.11.2021Ansell Edge (300 Counts)14 Mio.CIF Worldwide19.30
05.11.2021Ansell Edge (300 Counts)5 Mio.OTG USA19.23
02.11.2021Cardinal Flexal (200 counts)1 BillionOTG USA15 + 10%
24.10.2021Cranberry2 Billion20.00 + 10%
20.10.2021Cardinal Flexal (200 counts)40 Mio.OTG Germany19 Euro
15.10.2021VGloves (100 per box)50 Mio.OTG Switzerland9 Euro1 Mio MOQ.
02.09.2021Cranberry Evolve (300 per box)1 Bio.OTG USA24.005 Mio. MOQ.
01.08.2021Cranberry Evolve (300 per box)500 Mio.CIF Europe24.005 Mio. MOQ.
08.07.2021Seratin disinfectant (1 liter of gel or 5 liters of liquid form or 100 ml of gel)5 Mio.OTG GermanyPrice on request7005
08.07.2021Cranberry Evolve (300 per box)1 Bio.CIF Europe19.70
08.10.2021Skymed (100 per box)250 Mio.OTG Germany7.505 Mio. MOQ.
08.07.2021Corona Fastest10 Mio.OTG Germany12.90 Euro (Customs paid)7002
05.06.2021Vinyl Gloves (100 per box)50 Mio.CIF Worldwide4.2550 Mio. MOQ.
05.06.2021Vinyl Gloves (100 per box)9 Mio.CIF Worldwide4.309 Mio. MOQ.
01.06.2021Vinyl Gloves (100 per box)1.2 Mio.CIF Worldwide4.351.2 Mio. MOQ.
05.05.2021Vinyl Gloves (100 per box)600.000CIF Worldwide4.30600.000 MOQ.
05.05.2021Vinyl Gloves (100 per box)150.000CIF Worldwide4.40150.000 MOQ.
05.05.2021Nitril Gloves (100 per box)50 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.2050 Mio. MOQ.
05.05.2021Nitril Gloves (100 per box)9 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.259 Mio. MOQ.
05.05.2021Nitril Gloves (100 per box)1.2 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.271.2 Mio. MOQ.
04.04.2021Nitril Gloves (100 per box)600.000CIF Worldwide7.40600.000 MOQ.
04.04.2021Nitril Gloves (100 per box)150.000CIF Worldwide7.58150.000 MOQ.
04.04.2021FFP2 Mask
50 Mio.
OTG Germany
04.04.2021FFP2 Mask
50 Mio.
OTG Germany
02.03.2021Corona Fastest4 Mio.OTG Germany12.90 Euro (Customs paid)7002
01.03.2021Faceshield1 Mio.CIF Worldwide1.00
01.03.2021Hi Care Gloves (100 gloves per box)25 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.505 Mio. MOQ
01.03.2021Cranberry (100 Pieces per Box)550 Mio.CIF Worldwide8.005 Mio. MOQ.
01.03.2021Cranberry (100 Pieces per Box)50 Mio.CIF Worldwide8.105 Mio. MOQ.
01.03.2021FFP2 Mask
From 1.000 pieces
OTG Germany
27.02.2021VGloves (100 per box)5 Mio.OTG Switzerland8.45 Euro1 Mio MOQ.
27.02.2021Cranberry Evolve (300 per box)1 Bio.OTG USA21.001 Bio MOQ.
27.02.2021Cranberry Evolve (300 per box)1 Bio.OTG USA21.001 Bio MOQ.
27.02.2021Skymed (100 per box)150 Mio.OTG Germany7.605 Mio. MOQ.
01.02.2021TOP Gloves (100 gloves per box)200.000OTG Germany9,50 Euro1.000 MOQ.7014
01.02.2021OP Mask Typ2 R20 Mio.OTG Germany0.40 Euro1.000 MOQ.7010
01.02.2021VGlove (100 gloves per box)1 Mio.OTG Germany8.00 Euro500.000 MOQ.7008
01.02.2021Hartalega Gloveen Coats Gloves1 Mio.OTG Germany9.10 Euro7003
01.02.2021FFP3800.000OTG Germany3.10 Euro7001
27.12.2020Faceshield200.000OTG Germany1.207007
27.12.2020Seratin disinfectant (1 liter of gel or 5 liters of liquid form or 100 ml of gel)1 Mio.OTG GermanyPrice on request7005
14.12.2020Brightway Latex Gloves (100 gloves per box)2 Mio.OTG Germany11 Euro (Customs paid)1.000 MOQ.7009
14.12.2020Corona FastestFrom 10.000OTG Germany12.90 Euro (Customs paid)7002
14.12.2020M+D Gloves (100 gloves per box)5 Mio.OTG Germany (Hamburg)22.70 Euro (Customs paid)
14.12.2020OP Mask Typ2 R10 Mio.OTG Germany0.40 Euro
14.12.2020M+D Gloves (100 gloves per box)4 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.70
01.12.2020Cranberry (100 Pieces per Box)5 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.905 Mio. MOQ.
01.12.2020M+D Gloves (100 Pieces per Box)70 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.601 Mio. MOQ.
01.12.2020Skymed (100 per box)50 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.605 Mio. MOQ.
01.12.2020TPGloves (100 per box)7 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.601 Mio. MOQ.
15.11.2020Hi Care Gloves (100 gloves per box)5 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.551 Mio. MOQ
15.11.2020M+D Gloves (100 gloves per box)10 Mio.CIF Worldwide7.601 Mio. MOQ
15.11.2020VGlove (100 gloves per box)1 Mio.OTG Germany (Frankfurt or Hamburg) - Duty paid8.70 Euro1 Mio. MOQ
15.11.2020Cranberry Evolves (300 pieces/box)From 1 Bio.CIF Worldwide20.70
Face mask Typ 2R
From 36.000 pieces
OTG Germany
Made in Germany
FFP2 Mask
From 1.000 pieces
OTG Germany
Nitrile gloves
From 1.000 pieces
OTG Germany
Nitrile gloves
From 1 million boxes
DDP Europe
7.20€ FOB Thailand
Face mask Typ 1
200.000 pieces
OTG Germany
1.000 MOQ.
Protective suits overalls EN14126
90.000 pieces
OTG Germany
1.000 MOQ.
Sterile surgical gown
From 1.000 pieces
OTG Germany
06.09.2020Cranberry Evolve (300 per box)1 Bio.OTG USA21.001 Bio MOQ.
05.09.2020Cranberry Evolve (300 per box)1 Bio.CIF Europe19.70
05.09.2020VGlove (100 per box)1 Mio.OTG Germany8.70€1 Mio MOQ
04.09.2020Cranberry Evolve (300 per box)100 Mio.OTG USA26.75100 Mio MOQ.
04.09.2020VGloves (100 per box)1 Mio.OTG Switzerland8.45 Euro1 Mio MOQ.

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