Overview Process procedure (not USA, Canada, Mexico) for our customers

Last update: 24.09.2020

SourceWeb Medical AG is a subsidiary of SourceWeb International AG.

SourceWeb Medical is a global organisation run by experts in logistics, IT and international trade. Our competent team has been actively involved with deep-rooted manufacturers and well-established suppliers such as ORACLE, CISCO, IBM and 3M Multinational amongst others.

Currently, we are in possession of vast quantities of genuine 3M Surgical Respirators on offer in addition to other protective equipment’s and products at highly competitive rates. We remain at your disposal at all times.

At SourceWeb Medical, our internationally recognised team of experts will guide you through the process from beginning to the receipt of goods while supervising the handling of the (occasionally) complex processes.

Indicative overview of the purchase of 3M products:

    1. Schedule a conference call with SourceWeb Medical, along with your attorney.
      To prepare, please fill in the request form:
      (A Get to Know the customer, clarify, explain and refine the necessary purchase process).
    2. SourceWeb Medical will dispatch a KYC questionnaire for completion.
    3. Once acknowledged and agreed, an NCNDA agreement is signed by the parties via DocuSign.
    4. Submit your current LOI according to SourceWeb Medical template
      (www.loi-draft.sourceweb-medical.ag). In addition, kindly provide attorney's data.
    5. Your LOI, together with your data will be presented to our attorney for inspection
      (assignment of special conditions, Due Diligence Escrow etc.).
      Likewise, you will receive the data of attorney.
    6. Open an Escrow Account according to LOI coordinates, place funds on account.
    7. Inventory and prices are determined in line with your specifications. Deal is then reserved and locked for you.
    8. Purchase agreement (SPA) is created, then discussed, evaluated and drawn up.
      All necessary documents (SGS, POL, etc.) are exchanged.
    9. Delivery of inventory is coordinated and processed pursuant to the contract.
      You will be kept fully informed in writing in relation to all steps of the transaction.
    10. Delivery of the goods executed according to contract. Legal ownership of inventory is handed over to you.
      Further SGS analysis etc. is perishable upon arrival of goods.
    11. Release Escrow/Payment to SourceWeb Medical.
      As such, your purchase of goods is completed. We look forward to participating in further successful acquisitions with your company shortly.

Important notes:

Processing your deal via an Escrow Account is the safest methode to purchase, it provides maximum security for you the customer, (buyer protection); especially when you are actively controlling the buying process, in addition to maintaining direct contact with the managing Escrow.

With the necessary funds on the Escrow, all prerequisites are met to secure and reserve the goods. This offers maximum flexibility in the choice of the market, especially in terms of prices and delivery times. At the same time, there is no risk of losing the preferred stock again (timeout in a later setup and replenishment of the Escrow account and the due diligence required for this). In addition, there is maximum discretion, as sensitive data such as the origin of funds, financial statements, etc. are only discussed and exchanged with the managing lawyer.

Other benefits:

  • maximum flexibility.
  • Protection against attachment (funds are held by the Bank as special funds).
  • No negative interest rate.
  • Optimum price/performance ratio through the terms negotiated by SourceWeb (the customer will continue to be available regardless of a business relationship with SourceWeb).
  • The costs are covered by The SourceWeb after successful completion.

The escrow accounts in Germany are safer and more comfortable to open compared to other countries, but also faster. German escrow accounts have a higher level of acceptance and are therefore preferred. This payment method has proven to be a secure system in international trade over the years.

Of course, for the escrow account opening our expert team is available at any time.


The documents to be signed must be printed, with blue pen signed, stamped and scanned (at least 200 dpi). Then documents will be sent via the authorized email address of the subscriber directly to the legal department of SourceWeb.

Yours sincerely,
Your SourceWeb Medical Team

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